Common items that are left behind when moving

Moving day is here, and you’re ready to take all of your belongings to your new address. Take a final walkthrough of your house to ensure that every possession is accounted for before you make the journey to your new residence.

Many homeowners leave behind certain items that are easy to pack and transport. A room-by-room approach can help people avoid leaving various supplies behind.

Keep an eye out for the following items when completing a final walkthrough.

1. Bathroom products
Avoid the cost of purchasing replacement bathroom supplies by remembering to take these with you before you exit.

Keep only bathroom essentials on hand in the days leading up to your move. Pack more supplies when moving day gets closer, and on the date itself, be sure to check your medicine cabinet and shower for bathroom products.

2. Kitchen supplies
You’ll need various cooking instruments so you can cook meals before you move, but the days leading up to your relocation can be used to pack the majority of your kitchen supplies.

Additionally, contact a relocation and moving company for packing advice. These experts offer guidance about the best ways to pack fragile items, and are always happy to lend a helping hand to ensure that all of your belongings are safely transported to your new address.

3. Refrigerated items
Try to use your refrigerated items before you relocate, but make sure to pack these items in a cooler or ice to transport them safely to your new address. Be careful when packing these items, as liquids and other refrigerated goods could leak or spill.

4. Mobile device chargers
Unfortunately, mobile device chargers for smartphones or tablets are easy to lose. These units are frequently used by people, and when people grab their mobile devices on moving day, they might leave their chargers plugged in at their former residences.

Pack chargers when you no longer need these devices at your current residence. Include these chargers with your smartphone or tablet belongings to help ensure that they make it to your new address.

5. Clothing
Avoid leaving clothing behind by packing all of your apparel ahead of time – except what you plan to wear on moving day. Keep a jacket or sweatshirt in case of cold weather.