Closing Time: Real-Estate Agents Using Big Data to Bolster Lead Tracking

“Coffee is for closers.” Anyone familiar with the world of real estate, or David Mamet, or Alec Baldwin, recognizes that quote. Why do we bring it up? Because recently a Wall Street Journal article penned by Stefanos Chen titled “Thinking Of Selling? They Already Know” came across our desks at Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, and as an approved vendor for several leading Realtors, its contents shine light on an impressive development in the industry.

Chen’s article fleshes out a growing trend in real estate, wherein an increasing number of agents across the country are taking advantage of the various channels provided by Big Data to track, nurture and maintain their sales leads.

Prospecting For Leads

The same way Google uses algorithms to rank search results, Big Data is helping the real estate industry to determine likely home sellers and buyers, by analyzing a wide variety of major life events, ranging from the kids moving out to attend college, getting divorced or even buying luxury sports cars.

According to Chen, more and more agents are buying data subscriptions from companies such as Wealth-X to provide reports on prospective clients so that they may determine who is going to sell and/or buy, and when and where they’re most likely to do it. Chen gives the examples of a car collector being directed toward an agent trying to sell a house that has a 6-car garage, and an equestrian lover being nurtured by an agent with multiple ranch listings. And it goes further than that.

“Then, they got more specific,” Chen said. “Art collectors, because the condo has ample wall space. Empty nesters, because they prefer single-floor living.”

From there, agents can use targeted advertising to attract users most likely to engage with ads for homes that suit that particular user, based on the data package provided by companies like Wealth-X.

Data Analysis: How These Metrics Can Improve Your Moving and/or Real Estate Experience

The point of all of these predictive analytics is to present a clearer consumer picture. It’s matching people with opportunities. If you’re someone planning a move, and need help both with moving and buying/selling a home, this kind of information leads to better customer service that is tailored to your specific needs. This, in turn, streamlines the process, leading to faster, more efficient moves and real estate transactions.

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