Choosing the perfect time for long distance moving

Relocating yourself and everything you own can be a difficult process. As such, you should make sure you pick the perfect time, both during the week and on the calendar, for your move. With that sort of planning and the help of a household moving company, you’ll greatly reduce the hassle of picking up your entire life and trundling it across the country.

If possible, choose a time of year when the weather won’t threaten both the starting point and destination of your long distance moving. For instance, early spring probably isn’t the best time to move from the Northeast to the West Coast since you’ll likely encounter cold at the outset and rain at the end. Similarly, a transfer from one part of the South to another in the depths of summer might make you rethink your plan.

It’s also good to avoid vacations, travel days and other periods of time when roads are going to be packed. Memorial Day weekend might seem ideal because of the weather and the day off, but you’ll likely encounter a lot of traffic that will hold you and the movers up.

You might not want to take time off of work, but it’s always better to make a move during the week. Besides the fact that roads will probably be clear during the middle of the day, you’ll have access to all kinds of amenities. This includes utility companies, government offices, auto shops and repair centers that might be necessary during your move.