Big companies have advantages in recruiting

When it comes to recruiting and relocating employees, size does matter. Larger companies’ structural, financial and organizational support gives them an advantage in attracting new employees across the country, according to a new Workforce Mobility Survey.

Companies across the country were divided into four sizes for the study: small (less than 200 employees), midsize (200 to 2,499) large (2,500 to 10,000) and mega-sized (more than 10,000). When representatives from the businesses were polled, those at the larger ones were more likely to rate their employer’s ability to bring in new employees as “highly successful,” the study reports.

One main reason is that larger companies are willing to cast a wider net. Many of the new hires at large and mega-sized businesses didn’t let moving out of state deter them from accepting the job – and many even opted to move internationally.

A large factor in this is likely the money larger businesses are willing to give their new recruits to relocate for the job. Mega-sized companies spent $41,052, while none of the other three sizes spent more than $15,000, according to the study. By helping pay for expenses such as hiring a household moving company, mega-sized companies were apparently able to maintain more successful recruitment programs.