Baby on board: Moving while you’re pregnant

Having a child is a common reason for moving. Whether you’re relocating to a better school district, finding a larger home or moving out of state to be closer to family, basing your home decision on your expected child can be a wise move – but it can also complicate things. If you are planning on moving while pregnant, there are a few moving and packing tips to keep in mind.

Plan as early as possible
Unforeseen circumstances are common as pregnancy progresses, so it’s best to plan ahead as much as possible. Take the times when you have high levels of energy to get organized and start packing. Finding relocation movers in advance will save you from panicking as the moving date approaches.

Pay close attention to your health
The work and anxiety associated with moving are no excuse to stretch yourself too thin. Be on the lookout for signs of fatigue or weakness and nip them in the bud. Asking for help at these times will prevent a lot of difficulties in the long run.

Pass on the heavy lifting
Moving big pieces of furniture or other heavy household items should not be on your list. Focus on the smaller stuff while passing the heavy items along to someone else. Reputable nationwide movers will happily offer to take the heavy items from you, which you should accept.

Make a plan
The moment when the baby comes is not entirely up to you. Make sure you have set aside a bag filled with essentials for the hospital stay and anything else you’ll need if the time comes unexpectedly. Before getting to the new city, make sure you know where the hospital is, what cab line to call if you should need it and anything else that could cause complications in a rush to get to the hospital.

Set up the baby’s room early
When you get to the new house, it’s probably a good idea to make the baby’s room among the first things you prepare. When you do come back from the hospital, you’re not going to want to have to rush to get it ready with your baby on hand. Make it easy for yourself by getting the nursery ready before it’s needed.

Although moving while you’re pregnant might not be an ideal situation, with some planning it doesn’t need to be incredibly stressful.