America’s safest cities

Safety is an important issue to consider when looking for your next home. Many of the safest locations are towns and cities with relatively low populations. For many parents, low crime rates are as important as excellent schools when it comes to finding suitable destinations to raise their children.

Moving out of state provides you with more options than restricting yourself to one area. Below is a look at some of the safest cities in the United States.

Plano, Texas
The Lone Star State has become a popular destination for many outbound movers. Cities like Dallas and Houston are home to thriving industries that have created thousands of jobs over the last couple years. Plano, however, is the best city for people who want to move to a safe area.

Forbes recently ranked Plano as America’s safest city. The news source writes that the suburb has one of the most well-educated police forces and a highly active community watch initiative. The cost of living in Plano might be a bit too expensive for some people, however – the median household income is 60 percent higher than the national average.

State College, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s most popular city, but it’s not the safest – that honor is reserved for State College. CQ Press included Penn State’s home city on its annual list of safe cities. The town is relatively affluent and peaceful compared to Pennsylvania’s more populous areas.

Unlike other cities on this list, State College is a college town. Penn State’s students, faculty and staff represent the majority of the city’s population. Families can enjoy relatively peaceful summers and winters while students are on vacation and partake in the academic culture during the fall and spring semesters.

Green Bay, Wisconsin
The home of the NFL’s most historic franchise also made CQ Press’ annual list. Green Bay, Wisconsin, combines the safety of a small town with the hustle and bustle of a large city. Families can live in the downtown area or on the outskirts and enjoy relative safety and tranquility.

The Packers are the main source of entertainment in Green Bay. Similar to other cities with major sports teams, Green Bay is home to legions of loyal followers. During the offseason, the city is mostly quiet but still has other entertainment options.

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