5 Steps for Packing Your Kitchen

Out of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen may be the most difficult to pack up. Most of your fragile belongings are probably in the room, so you have to take extra precautions when it comes to storing these items. Follow these five moving and packing tips to quickly store all of your china, utensils and assorted kitchen accessories.

1. Heavy items go first
All of your pots and pans should go at the bottom of your boxes. Keep the lids with their matching cylinders, but don’t put them on tight. You can save space by putting smaller pots inside larger containers.

Be careful not to overload your boxes. Even the sturdiest cardboard can break under heavy pressure. Stick to the recommended weight limits for all of your boxes. You’ll be glad you took extra precaution when your pots and pans aren’t damaged when you arrive at your new home.

2. Be careful with fragile items
Fine china and place settings are likely some of your most valuable and fragile belongings. Additionally, it can be difficult and expensive to replace all of your plates, glasses and bowls if any break during your move, so you should take your time and be extra careful with these items. Put plenty of padding on the bottom of your boxes and wrap porcelain and glass models in heavy paper to prevent scratches.

Experienced nationwide movers know how to store your breakables during transport. Hire a household moving company like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to protect your fragile dishes from harm during relocation.

3. Food choices
If you’re moving locally, you can likely save some of your food so you don’t have to go grocery shopping. Don’t take any perishable items that require refrigeration and can spoil during your move.

Only pack small snacks and drinks if you’re moving out of state. You’ll need nourishment on the road, but you don’t have the space for all of your favorite foods in the car.

4. Wrap utensils
Don’t leave your utensils loose inside their containers. Wrap each individual set so your box stays organized and you can quickly unpack when you’re ready to settle into your new kitchen.

5. Large furniture
Entrust your largest and heaviest belongings like your refrigerator and table to your relocation movers. It can be dangerous to move bulky items without assistance, so it’s best to leave the task to the professionals.