3 Vehicular Repairs You Need Before Your Move

Moving out of state is a stressful task for all involved parties, but your vehicle might be under the greatest strain. As the miles tick off on your odometer, your car is wearing down. If you don’t perform routine maintenance, you’ll break down and be stuck with an exorbitant repair bill.

With some basic work, you can ensure that your car will survive the long journey from your current location to your new abode. Have a mechanic look at your vehicle and ask to have the following repairs done before you hit the road.

An oil change
Sometimes the biggest problems could have been avoided with only a modicum of effort. Always change your oil when you’re about to embark on a lengthy trip. Fresh oil keeps an engine lubricated to prevent friction between important components. The substance also clears out blockages so that the engine can fire all on all cylinders.

The frequency with which you change the oil depends on the specific make and model of your car. Read your owner’s handbook to see what the manufacturer recommends. If the book isn’t readily available, have a mechanic check your levels.

Change the sparkplugs
Yahoo Autos writes that you should have your sparkplugs replaced in order to keep your car running. If the small components are burnt out or damaged, they won’t ignite the fuel and your car cannot go anywhere. Even slightly malfunctioning sparkplugs can harm your vehicle’s long-term health. The news source points out that damaged plugs hurt gas mileage or break the catalytic converter.

Similar to an oil change, having your sparkplugs replaced is inexpensive. You can buy the devices at your local hardware store and replace or upgrade them with your own with basic tools. Alternatively, Yahoo Autos reports that the average price of going to a mechanic is slightly more than $300, which is cheap compared to other repairs.

Electrical equipment
Your car is comprised of dozens of electrical systems, all of which are important to your safety on the road. From the headlights to the windshield wipers, you need your entire vehicle to function properly to avoid an accident. Take your car to a mechanic and ask for a complete diagnostic test to see if you need electrical repairs.

Once you’re car is in working order, hire a household moving company like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines because it’s time to hit the road and move into your new house.