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Cleveland, OH Moving Companies

Moving to or from Cleveland? For a safe and stress-free relocation, you need an experienced, reliable moving company to help you get to your new home. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has more than 110 years of experience in the moving and storage industry, and we’re certified as a ProMover by the American Moving & Storage Association. That means we adhere to a strict set of industry standards geared toward delivering the gold standard in customer service on every move.

Why Move to Cleveland?

Before your move to Cleveland, it’s important you get to know a little about the city, so we’ve highlighted some of the things that make Cleveland such a great place to live. Greater Cleveland is the metropolitan area surrounding the city of Cleveland, including the five-county Cleveland-Elyria Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) consists of Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, Lake County, Lorain County, and Medina County, and has a combined population of approximately 2,077,240. Situated on the banks of one of the Great Lakes, (Lake Erie) the area has many major water focused ports and recreation venues.

Job seekers moving to Cleveland will be happy to know that more than 37% of Fortune 500 companies are present in Greater Cleveland, through corporate headquarters, major divisions, subsidiaries, and sales offices. In addition, more than 150 international companies have a presence there, such as Good Year, Progressive Insurance, FirstEnergy, Eaton and others. Greater Cleveland's cost of living is 2.6% below the national average. In addition, the study cited listed Cleveland as the 99th most expensive city in which to live (although the Cleveland metro area is the 15th largest such area), well behind Boston, Detroit, Charlotte, San Diego, Nashville, and Tampa.

Cleveland’s Culture

Be sure to take in some of Cleveland’s rich history and culture once you and the family have finished unpacking. Cleveland’s 20th century heritage as a major manufacturing center has given the city a legacy of world-class arts and cultural institutions. Among these are the Cleveland Museum of Art, founded in 1913 on land donated by Western Union founder Jeptha Wade and others; the Cleveland Orchestra, whose neo-classical home, Severance Hall, was built by industrialist John L. Severance; and the Cleveland Botanical Garden, founded in 1930 as a home for the 17,000-book botanical library donated by Eleanor Squire.

Greater Cleveland's professional sports teams include the Cleveland Indians (Major League Baseball), Cleveland Browns (National Football League), and Cleveland Cavaliers (National Basketball Association).

Music lover? Then Cleveland will leave you grinning from ear-to-ear. Cleveland is the home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which has hosted more than 8.5 million visitors and had a cumulative economic impact to Cleveland estimated at more than $1.8 billion. The museum and its activities are responsible for creating more than 950 jobs with an economic impact of more than $100 million annually.

Full-Service Cleveland Movers

When it comes time for your move to Cleveland, call on Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to handle the details for you. We are a full-service Cleveland mover, so no relocation is too big and no distance is too great for our movers. Let us show you why we’ve been The Way To Move™ since 1905.

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