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Porsche to move North American headquarters

  • August 08, 2016

Porsche to move North American headquarters

The North American branch of performance automaker Porsche is set to relocate its headquarters to Los Angeles, according to LA Weekly. The move is aimed at providing the company with a new testing and exhibition facility called "Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles." The Experience Center will have a test track, off-road course and handling course for the automaker to experiment and entertain enthusiasts, according to the news source.

Currently, Porsche Motorsport North America's (PMNA) headquarters are in Santa Ana, California, but the new location will allow room for expansion and increased access to consumers. Without moving out of state, the company was also able to increase its services to a certain segment of its consumers.

"Our future home will offer us the space needed to expand our...vintage racing services to the many owners of Porsche's historic race cars in this country," PMNA's president, Jens Walther, told Motor Authority.

To ensure a speedy move worthy of Porsche, the company could employ the services of a professional moving and relocation company. With car parts, instruments and electronics equipment to transport, having the assistance of such a service would allow the company to expand as seamlessly as possible.


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