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Medical device company relocates to Texas for better position

  • August 08, 2016

Medical device company relocates to Texas for better position

Greatbatch, Inc., a medical supply company, is relocating its global headquarters from Buffalo, New York to Frisco, Texas. The impetus for the company's move is a strategy rooted in its new location near a major international airport and its reputation as a hotbed for Greatbatch's  industry.

"The Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area is a recognized medical device cluster surrounded by a community that includes leading medical technology and electronics firms," said the company's CEO, Thomas J. Hook.

With more than 20 locations around the world, Greatbatch is already a global company and by moving out of state, the company is signalling that it is emphasizing targeted growth to solidify  itself as a leader in the field.

Unlike other corporate relocations that are based around a desire to change an audience or supply chain, Greatbatch's move is about aiding its expansion while keeping its previous structure largely intact.

"The high-quality work of our Western New York associates is vital to our future and our Associates here will remain an integral part of Greatbatch's success," Hook said.

With such a tactical move, it is likely that the company will benefit from a moving and relocation company to ensure that its move to Texas will be as efficient as possible.


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