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Biotech firm heads to Florida

  • August 08, 2016

Biotech firm heads to Florida

As medical technology advances, companies are always looking for ways to use science to improve the lives and survival rates of citizens. Organ transplants, for example, have proven to be a growing trend, and many businesses are hoping to get involved. One such example is Somahlution, who recently announced it was moving its headquarters from Fargo, North Dakota, to Jupiter, Florida, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Somahlution is a biotech firm that develops methods for preserving organs such as hearts, lungs and kidneys in order to transplant them. With the liquids they are developing, the lives of these body parts could be greatly extended, increasing the chances of them helping an ailing individual.

“The biggest problem is the usability of an organ,” Somahlution Chief Executive Satish Chandran told the news source.

The announcement that the firm was moving out of state to situate itself in Florida is another sign that the region is a welcoming one for biotech and medical science businesses. According to the news source, the local government will provide the firm with $150,000 in tax incentives to establish residence there.

With complex instruments and equipment involved, the move will likely require great care and skill. Professional relocation movers can help businesses get to their new home with as few obstacles as possible.


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