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Award-winning composer buys home in Santa Monica

  • August 08, 2016

Award-winning composer buys home in Santa Monica

The sweet sounds of a home closing are greeting the ears of composer Trevor Morris. The Emmy winner recently sold his Cheviot Hills-Rancho Park home for a new house in Santa Monica, the Los Angeles Times reports. The property was purchased for $1.59 million and includes three bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a swimming pool, a spa and a shaded lawn.

According to the news source, the home was built in 1940 and covers 2,400 square feet. In that space, the composer will be able to take in the fabulous library, French balcony and wood-beam ceilings.

The two-time Emmy winner sold his last town home for $915,050. The older property is only slightly smaller than the new home at 2,107 square feet and includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a studio. However, regardless of the similar specs of the properties, the Santa Monica home has something the older house does not - location. Morris will be hiring a moving and relocation company to transfer his belongings to the new home because it is closer to his film-scoring studio in Santa Monica.


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