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Young actor buys his first home

  • August 08, 2016

Young actor buys his first home

Christopher Mintz-Plasse broke into the movie industry thanks to his hysterical performance in "Superbad" when he was only 17. Fortunately, the actor appears to be transitioning nicely into adulthood, as evidenced by his recent purchase of a small home instead of an opulent mansion. Trulia, an online real estate authority, reports that the "Fright Night" star bought a two-bedroom residence in Los Angeles

The news source writes that the house isn't a typical celebrity abode. Mintz-Plasse only paid $515,000 for the house, a relative bargain in Los Angeles. Additionally, the 924 square-foot residence is much smaller than other actors' houses. 

New homebuyers can learn a valuable lesson from Mintz-Plasse - don't spend beyond your means. Consumers, especially youngers ones, can benefit by saving money on their first houses. If the new owners can't afford to cover expenses like mortgage payments and maintenance, they'll quickly slide into debt with little chance of recovery. 

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