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Machine company plans new headquarters

  • August 08, 2016

Machine company plans new headquarters

Western States Machine Company, a firm that specializes in the construction of chemical and sugar centrifuges, intends to relocate to Fairfield, Ohio. The Real Estate Communications Group reports that the company, which formerly operated from a building in Hamilton, Ohio, recently announced that it will build a new 76,000-square-foot office space in Fairfield.

Local job seekers could be impacted by the relocation because Western States intends to increase its hiring after it completes the in-state relocation. Business officials said they are investing $6.5 million in the move, and $4.6 million of this total will be used to construct the new office.

A corporate headquarters relocation presents challenges and opportunities for businesses, even those that are moving within the same state. There are plenty of chances to expand outreach with the extra resources available at a bigger facility, but company administrators need to safely transport all of their workers' belongings to the new address to ensure that these staff members can successfully perform their daily tasks.

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