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Jenny McCarthy heading for Chicago

  • August 08, 2016

Jenny McCarthy heading for Chicago

Jenny McCarthy may soon require the services of a household moving company, as she is relocating from her Los Angeles home to the Windy City. She's moving in order to be closer to her boyfriend, Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, according to the New York Post. Although McCarthy says the relationship is going strong, her representative told the news source she will get her own place and will not be moving in with the brawny football player.

"Jenny is not moving in with Brian, but she is relocating with her son to the Chicago area for the foreseeable future," McCarthy's representative said.

The move is a homecoming of sorts for the starlet, as she grew up in Chicago. However, she will be commuting regularly to New York and Los Angeles for work.

McCarthy has had a multifaceted career, featuring appearances on dozens of television shows and movies, as well as being a game show host and starring in her own sitcom.

Because McCarthy is moving out of state and has a child, the move will likely be a complicated process. While moving can be challenging, using household movers can help celebrities and everyday citizens alike keep all the details in order as they prepare to relocate to a new home.


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