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College helps pay for coach's house

  • January 18, 2013

College helps pay for coach's house

Lane Kiffin left his head coaching job at the University of Tennessee after a single season to take the same position at the University of Southern California (USC). TMZ recently reported that the school helped the coach with his relocation plans by loaning him money for a new house. The news source writes that USC gave Kiffin $500,000 contingent on his continued employment at the school.

Large universities aren't the only employers that help top talent cover the costs associated with long distance moving. Zillow, an online real estate database, notes that many companies reimburse their recruits for moving expenses, pay a household moving company and even provide financial assistance with the homebuying process.

If you're moving out of state to accept a new position, you should ask your new company about relocation services. Moving can be a very expensive endeavor, so it's important to seek assistance so you don't hurt your long-term finances.

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