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Boston welcomes Converse

  • January 18, 2013

Boston welcomes Converse

Converse, a subsidiary of Nike, recently announced plans to relocate its corporate headquarters to Boston, Massachusetts. The company was founded in Malden and then moved to Andover, a suburb 30 miles north of the big city. Converse officials said they'll be moving to Lovejoy Wharf, which recently underwent a massive revitalization project.

The relocation plans are thought to be beneficial for the company and the city. Converse is supporting the local government's initiatives to make Boston a hub for innovative businesses. Mayor Thomas Menino said in a statement that the clothing manufacturer should be able to find new workers once the move is complete.

"The move to Lovejoy Wharf will revitalize this historic northern gateway, while giving Converse access to a young, talented urban workforce," he said.

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