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Pet supply company moves warehouse

  • December 07, 2012

Pet supply company moves warehouse

Scott Pet Products recently announced that it is moving its manufacturing and distribution warehouse to Newport, Indiana. The new facility was formerly the Newport Chemical Depot, which manufactured chemicals. Fortunately, Indiana Public Media reports that the area has been through an extensive cleaning process and is safe.

The news source notes that Scott was motivated to move to Newport by a $70,000 grant from the Indiana Economic Development Commission. The company expects to add 80 new jobs once the new warehouse opens in January.

Many state governments are offering similar financial incentives to encourage businesses that are considering moving out of state. The programs are meant to boost local economies by creating jobs and motivating companies to create new positions. Additionally, states earn increased income from taxes as manufacturers ramp up production.

Some states offer large grants and tax breaks to enterprises that are willing to relocate. While the move can be jarring at first, it can ultimately be a wise decision as a supportive government can lead to better business. Hiring state to state movers can make the relocation process relatively easy so that production can quickly begin in a new facility. 


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