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Tips for moving with kids

  • December 03, 2012

Tips for moving with kids

Moving out of state, across town or even down the street can be stressful. If you have children, the process can be even more difficult as you have to explain why you're relocating and make sure that your kids are comfortable with the process.

Keeping your children involved with the move can help them adjust to their new surroundings and reduce the amount of stress factors you face. The following moving and packing tips can help you include your kids during the relocation process.

Give them jobs
Packing is already a difficult task - you have to ensure that all of your necessities are safely stored before the big day. Kids often demand attention and can be temperamental if they feel ignored.

You can give your children small chores so they're entertained and feel included. For instance, write a list of all their toys and instruct them to separate fragile items from their more durable counterparts. Kids can also sort their clothes and you can check their work before boxing the garments.

Encourage kids to spend time with friends
If your family is moving to a new town or state, your children won't be able to frequently visit their friends. Sit your sons and daughters down and explain that they should spend some quality time with their peers before the big move.

Kids should be allowed to say goodbye to their friends and find ways to stay in touch. Additionally, if your children spend more time playing, you'll have more time to pack and prepare without worrying about your young ones.

Take your time
While you may have moved multiple times in the past for school and work, your children haven't known any home besides their current one. The fact that your kids will be in a new neighborhood and must make new friends in an unknown place can be quite a lot for them to process.

Sit your children down before you find a new residence and explain that you're thinking about moving. Once you buy a place, help your kids slowly start packing and give them plenty of time to say their goodbyes. While the move will still be stressful, your children may be less emotional if they're allowed to gradually accept the change rather than be forced to adjust in one fell swoop.

Moving can be difficult for everyone, especially children. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines can help families reduce some of their stress while relocating.


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