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Ohio-based internet retailer draws up plans for relocation

  • October 10, 2012

Ohio-based internet retailer draws up plans for relocation

A corporate relocation requires a significant amount of resources and time. However, assistance from a relocation and moving company can help ensure all of a staff's possessions are safely transported to the new address with minimum hassle.

For example, Universal Screen Arts, an Ohio-based internet retailer and mail-order cataloguer, is making plans to relocate in the near future. According to the Hudson Hub-Times, this company will transfer 119 employees to a new address on Industrial Parkway in Hudson, Ohio. Universal Screen Arts intends to complete the relocation by the end of 2012.

Moving the possessions of a single employee is difficult, but companies can handle relocations of any size with support from relocation movers. These experts have experience and skills they can share with businesses, and they provide guidance throughout the moving process. Relocation and moving companies employ only the best personnel to ensure that those who are relocating receive the support they deserve.

Simplify an upcoming move by reaching out to a professional moving company like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. Qualified moving specialists will work with businesses to help them plan and prepare for their relocations.


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