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Global healthcare leader to relocate corporate headquarters to save money

  • October 09, 2012

Global healthcare leader to relocate corporate headquarters to save money

The economy continues to challenge businesses, and many companies seek ways to lower their operating costs. Merck & Co., an international provider of consumer health and animal products, will move its corporate headquarters as part of an attempt to save money and improve profits.

According to Fox Business, Merck will move from Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, to Summit, which is about 27 miles northeast. The transition to the Summit location will begin in 2014, and the new facility is expected to house approximately 1,800 staff members.

Kenneth C. Frazier, Merck's Chief Executive, said the move could help the company lower its annual operating expenses and put the business in position to reach its long-term goals.

"The relocation of our headquarters will help us achieve our future vision, reduce the size of our operating footprint, and increase agility as we adapt to our changing business environment," Frazier told the news source.

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