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Full Metal Jacket actor creates video to help sell condo

  • October 09, 2012

:Full Metal Jacket actor creates video to help sell condo

Matthew Modine, an actor who has performed in movies such as Full Metal Jacket and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, is taking innovative steps to sell his Manhattan residence. According to the New York Daily News, Modine has made a marketing video to help sell his duplex loft condo.

"Everybody does the property videos, and they are usually pretty stale," Mark D. Friedman, the senior vice president of the real estate company that listed Modine's property, told the news source.

The video features an interactive guide for prospective property buyers. Modine highlights the residence's features and gives viewers an in-depth look at the condo's all-glass kitchen, Noric ash hardwood floors, private garden and more.

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