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Spring manufacturing company bounces to the Greater Chicago area

  • September 28, 2012

Spring manufacturing company bounces to the Greater Chicago area

MW Industries, a U.S. manufacturer of springs and fasteners, has moved its corporate headquarters closer to the Windy City. This company relocated its offices to Rosemont, Illinois, which is approximately 16 miles northwest of Chicago. 

"Our new offices give us updated and increased space to accommodate the company's continued expansion," said Bill Marcum, CEO of MW Industries.

Marcum noted that his company selected Rosemont because the village provides convenient access to transportation. The new offices are located close to O'Hare Airport and feature 8,000 square feet of space. Additionally, Marcum said he anticipates the business will be better equipped to retain high-quality staff members thanks to the amenities and features the new office offers.

A move like the one completed by MW Industries requires a significant amount of dedication from employees and managers. Companies can hire relocation movers to deliver extra support to their workers. A team of highly-trained relocation movers can help workers pack and transport their belongings, which can help reduce much of the stress many staff members feel when they move. 


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