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Nashville hospital giant relocates headquarters

  • September 28, 2012

Nashville hospital giant relocates headquarters

The corporate headquarters that supports many healthcare facilities in Tennessee could soon make history with its upcoming relocation.

According to the Chattanooga News, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) will move its central location to midtown Nashville. However, the move is no ordinary relocation, and the company plans to bring up to 2,000 new jobs to help make its new headquarters one of the largest commercial office developments in Nashville's history.

HCA, which provides nearly 5 percent of all inpatient care in the United States, has 162 hospitals and 112 surgery centers. The company will receive state incentives to relocate its operations, including $7,500 for each new employee the business hires.

A corporate relocation of this size could require a significant amount of hard work and effort from HCA staff. A relocation and moving company could help HCA's employees move their belongings to the new headquarters. Experienced movers have received extensive training and pay attention to details to make sure a business' employees can enjoy worry-free relocations. Give workers the assistance they deserve so they can transport their possessions to a new address with support from a professional relocation and moving company. 


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