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Medical device company opens Bay State office

  • September 26, 2012

Medical device company opens Bay State office

CSA Medical, a Baltimore-based medical device company, launched its Lexington, Massachusetts, office on September 24, 2012. According to Mass High Tech, the company already has several staff members from the Boston area, including President and CEO Bill Floyd, Chief Medical Officer Ellen Sheets and Chief Technology Office Marc Davidson - the new Bay State office will shorten the commute for these employees.

Floyd said that the Massachusetts office will focus on expanding the company's product lines. The business could also use the Lexington office to further evaluate its truFreeze Spray Cryotherapy System, a catheter that emits nitrogen gas.

Company officials said they anticipate about 15 staff members to relocate from Baltimore to Massachusetts by the start of 2013. However, the business intends to double its workforce over the next few years, and plans to keep its corporate headquarters in the Charm City.

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