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Adrian Beltre sells California home

  • September 06, 2012

Adrian Beltre sells California home

Texas Rangers slugger Adrian Beltre may need the help of a household moving company in the near future, as he has finally found a buyer for his Bradbury, California, home after two years on the market. Although he knew he would be moving out of state as soon as the Los Angeles Dodgers traded him in 2004, he has nevertheless been sitting on the property ever since, according to

In many ways, it's not surprising. The home rests on 4-plus acres of land and features a custom-painted ceiling, inlaid marble floors and a crystal chandelier, according to the source. In addition to these amenities, the home is quite desirable due to its lavish home theater, pool cabana and three-bedroom guest house.

Given his status as a world-class ballplayer, it's natural that Beltre's former abode featured tennis and basketball courts, golf holes, an infinity swimming pool and a batting cage. Whoever the new owner is, there will likely be more than enough recreation activities available.

Whether you're an all-star ball player or not, using a moving and relocation company can help take the sting out of relocating to a new home.


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