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Actress Nicole Kidman sells one of her New York City apartments

  • August 13, 2012

Actress Nicole Kidman sells one of her New York City apartments

Nicole Kidman won't have to worry about long distance moving with the recent sale of one of her New York City apartments because, after all, she has another one in the same city. The 45-year-old actress had listed an apartment for rent at $45,000 per month in July 2012, according to

However, it seems Kidman recently went for a more permanent solution and sold the Greenwich Village property for $16 million. The 3,785-square-foot apartment is located on the 12th floor of the Meier Tower at 165 Charles Street and features excellent views of the Hudson River. However, recent construction of a new high rise has threatened the scenery and may have been the reason for the sale. When key features of a property are disturbed, many homeowners, including Kidman, decide to pack their bags and head to a more amiable location. 

Kidman's other property is a penthouse flat on 11th Avenue, purchased in 2011 for $10 million, The Republic reports. The relocation may not disturb Kidman and her family because the move across the city will not take too long with professional help.


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