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Cutting-edge bioprinting technology company relocates to larger facility

  • July 18, 2012

Cutting-edge bioprinting technology company relocates to larger facility

Companies that operate at the forefront of their fields must often relocate and expand to retain their positions. That is the case with Organovo Holdings Inc., a bioprinting technology company, that is moving its headquarters to San Diego, California, for an updated and larger facility.

The new space is nearly 16,000-square-feet, almost four times as big as its previous home. The additional room will allow the company to continue developing new techniques and processes for bioprinting - the computer-assisted automatic production of living cells.

"Organovo's facility expansion provides state-of-the-art space for our team to drive innovation with our research," said Keith Murphy, CEO of the company.

The additional room will also allow for increased collaboration and expansion into new arenas of research, according to Murphy.

Organovo's innovation has been expanding quickly, resulting in a fair amount of attention. In fact, the company's NovoGen MMX Bioprinter was selected by Time Magazine as one of 2010's best inventions.

Although it isn't moving out of state, Organovo's relocation will likely be complex and sensitive, as it involves breakthrough technology and expensive equipment. Companies moving to new headquarters can utilize the help of professional relocation and moving services to ease the transition.


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