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Uma Thurman moving to Gramercy Park

  • July 16, 2012

Uma Thurman moving to Gramercy Park

Uma Thurman, star of "Gattaca" and frequent muse of director Quentin Tarantino, may soon require the services of a household moving company. She has recently purchased an apartment in the New York City neighborhood of Gramercy Park, according to

The news source reports that the apartment set Thurman back $1.55 million. This might be a lot of money for most people, but pales in comparison to the price she's asking for her previous abode - $14.2 million.

The elegant actress' new home is quite a bit smaller than her last residence. It has just one bedroom, though it also features a living room, sitting room and captivating views of the Big Apple.

Her previous address, on the other hand, was far more expansive. Situated in chic Greenwich Village, that apartment featured five bedrooms  and a large family room, AOL notes.

The actress is no stranger to moving in New York. She has bought and sold several properties in the city over the last few years, including two others in Gramercy Park.

As a result of her frequent moving, Thurman may well know the advantages of hiring a moving and relocation company. Doing so can help make the process simple and straightforward, whether you are an A-list actress or not.


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