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Former late night host Craig Kilborn moving to Fairfax

  • July 13, 2012

Former late night host Craig Kilborn moving to Fairfax

Craig Kilborn, former talk show host and original star of The Daily Show, may require the help of a household moving company, as he has sold his Los Angeles home, according to He has lived in the three-bedroom home since 2001, but decided to move into a slightly smaller house in Fairfax, California.

The property sold for $2.9 million, according to the source, after it was originally listed for $3.495 million. Kilborn's home featured several deluxe features and amenities, but he may have received less than his initial asking price due to the still-tepid real estate market. It features Malibu tiles, a master bedroom with a fireplace and city views, according to the National Association of REALTORS.

The one-time late night personality appears to be downsizing, as he has purchased a two-bedroom house for his next residence. Kilborn has largely been out of the limelight since leaving The Late Late Show in 2004.

Even for those not moving out of state like Kilborn, relocation can be a complicated process. The assistance of moving van lines can help remove some of the stress by managing the packing and shipment of belongings.


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