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Montana hoping to attract residents

  • July 06, 2012

Montana hoping to attract residents

Hoping to attract new businesses and residents, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has unveiled a new website attempting to lure businesses from other regions into moving out of state to Big Sky Country, according to KULR-TV.

The site,, highlights the state's abundance of emerging tech companies as well as its natural beauty and quality of life. The webpage also emphasizes Montana's reputation for fostering newer businesses.

The U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the Kauffman Foundation have all rated Montana as the "number one state for entrepreneurship and business start-up activity," according to the website.

Technology companies are not the only firms that are flourishing in Montana. The webpage notes that the state's agriculture and mining sectors are thriving despite the country's overall economic situation.

The site also appeals to people considering relocating to Montana. Fine dining, freshly stocked farmers' markets and craft breweries are just a few of the features that Governor Schweitzer emphasizes.

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