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Chicago Bulls to move practice facility downtown

  • July 02, 2012

Chicago Bulls to move practice facility downtown

The Chicago Bulls will be relocating their practice facility to downtown Chicago from its current suburban Deerfield location. According to the team's Chairman, Jerry Reinsdorf, the major impetus for the move is to consolidate operations and show commitment to the city.

After talks with the city's mayor, Rahm Emanuel, Reinsdorf stated the two agreed that a downtown facility was in the interest of both the city and the team.

"[The mayor] thought centralizing our team assets inside the city limits would be a show of our ongoing commitment to Chicago," Reinsdorf said. "We have been contemplating how to address the growth limitations of our practice facility for awhile, so the Mayor's timing and ours seems to make sense."

The team has not determined a specific site or timetable yet, according to However, the Bulls say they hope that a new facility will include capabilities for supplemental features such as digital and video production as well as educational space.

In addition to the extra features and the commitment to the city, the Bulls are expecting the new location will cut down on players' and employees' commutes on game days.

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