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Twitter relocates headquarters

  • June 13, 2012

Twitter relocates headquarters

After two and half years and billions of 140-character messages, social media bigwig Twitter is moving its headquarters, according to Business Insider. The move is not a long one: the company is moving from Folsom Street to the "Mid-Market" neighborhood of the city.

The move is just one component of the company's larger efforts to expand and restructure, according to Web Pro News. In the midst of rapid growth - the company now has more than a thousand employees, after adding more than 200 since January - Twitter has been looking for a new foundation to undergird its growth. With new hires filling top positions, the recent relocation confirms the company's slightly altered direction.

Even though the headquarters remain stateside, the company is engaged in an active international recruiting mission, according to the news source. Twitter is currently recruiting in London, Dublin and Tokyo.

Although the move - like the company's product - is short, it is likely a complicated one. With expensive equipment and the materials of a large staff, the company could likely benefit from the services of relocation movers. Hiring relocation and moving services could help make the process run as smoothly as possible.


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