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Diamond jubilee: Company relocates to chase diamonds

  • June 04, 2012

Diamond jubilee: Company relocates to chase diamonds

In the pursuit of utilizing the world's natural resources, it is sometimes necessary for a business to nimbly adapt to changing circumstances. Recently, Stornoway Diamond Corp. decided that in order to maintain its high production of diamonds, it needed to move to Montreal - a city it hopes will be a new, strong source of the rare, valuable material for many years to come, according to Forbes.

The company had previously set up the Renard Diamond Project in Quebec, and spurred by high hopes for production, it decided that relocating the head office nearby would help it exploit resources more efficiently.

"As Renard has developed, Quebec has become the center of gravity, Montreal has become the center of gravity, so we're making a big statement here relocating the head office to Montreal," said Matt Manson, the company's president.

The Renard project will be the province's first diamond mine and will be under Stornoway's control for at least 11 years, the news source reports. It is thought to hold more than 18 million carats' worth of diamonds.

With such a lucrative and difficult project at stake, Stornoway could likely benefit from professional relocation and moving services. Companies involved in complex and time-sensitive moves often turn to corporate relocation companies to help ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.


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