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GE Transportation to relocate headquarters to Chicago

  • June 01, 2012

GE Transportation to relocate headquarters to Chicago

As a manufacturer of equipment for the mining, marine and rail industries, General Electric (GE) Transportation knows the value of a strategic location. After 100 years of being situated in Erie, Pennsylvania, the company has decided to relocate its headquarters to Chicago to capitalize on its valuable geography, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"Chicago is a hub to be able to reach the global customer base," the company's CEO, Lorenzo Simonelli, told the news source.

Just because the company is moving out of state doesn't mean it's leaving Pennsylvania behind. Erie will still be the home base for the company's locomotive branch while also remaining an important manufacturing site, the news source reports.

Despite leaving some substantial elements in Erie, the company will be dramatically restructuring its operation. It will be relocating about 50 employees to Chicago, which Simonelli hopes will grow to 150 by 2014, told the Tribune. In their new location, Simonelli hopes that the new employees and company in general can focus on communicating with clients.

"GE Transportation is looking to be customer centric...and Chicago enables us to do that," he told the news source.

With such a complicated move - and a great deal of history - GE Transportation could likely benefit from the assistance of corporate relocation movers.


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