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Oakland A's consider relocation

  • May 22, 2012

Oakland A's consider relocation

The Oakland Athletics are locked in a territory dispute with their cross-town rivals, the San Francisco Giants, and could end up moving out of state because of it. The Oakland, California, Major League Baseball (MLB) team has been looking to move from the Bay Area for some time, according to Sports World Report, but their stated choice of San Jose has ruffled some feathers in the Giants' organization.

San Jose, the Giants claim, is on their turf and the A's building a stadium there would cost them millions in lost revenue. Were the A's to opt for the long distance moving option instead, they would need to the permission of the MLB and its commissioner, Bud Selig.

"They need approval. We have to go through an approval process," Selig said following an owners' meeting, the news source reports. "It just depends on where they're moving to."

Relocating an MLB team is a complicated process and has historically been discouraged by the organization. In addition to the long distance moving and storage of the team's vast amounts of equipment and merchandise, a move requires a huge marketing and publicity effort in addition to the proper handling of complicated real estate and tax issues. 


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