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E-commerce startup relocating to NYC

  • May 16, 2012

E-commerce startup relocating to NYC

Sometimes a young company discovers that its current location is hamstringing its growth. Understanding that a move to a different location could help them expand, it makes the decision to pick up and plant roots in a new city.

That's what happened when young direct retailing startup Nomorerack decided to move from Vancouver to New York City, according to Business Insider. The news source reports that the impetus for the move had three main prongs: NYC's talent pool, the city's blossoming tech scene and its utility as a launchpad for international expansion.

For these reasons, the company decided relocating was worth the expense and upheaval associated with long distance moving and storage.

"[The company's higher ups] see New York as the place to be if your an e-commerce start-up," co-founder Melina Ash told the news source. "The eco-system of brands, retailers, suppliers, wholesaler and designers cannot be found anywhere else."

In this mobile age, newer companies are frequently deciding to relocate while they are still young and light on their feet. Even young organizations, however, can benefit from corporate relocation companies to help ensure that the transition is easy on the company, and that it can hit the ground running wherever it lands.


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