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Global Organic encouraged to relocate by government incentives

  • May 15, 2012

Global Organic encouraged to relocate by government incentives

One common reason for a company opting to relocate its headquarters is the availability of government-provided incentives. Hoping to create local jobs or induce more tax revenue, local politicians will sometimes offer money, tax relief or amenities to a company if they relocate to the region.

Encouraged by such enticements, Global Organic, a wholesale distributor of organic produce, decided to do just that, according to The Brandeton Herald. Offered $124,000 in expansion-aiding incentives, Global Organic decided to move its facility from Manatee County to Sarasota County, where it originally started, the news source reported.

The new larger facility - as well as the money offered by local officials - will hopefully lead to 62 new jobs over the next five years, according to the news source. The continual growth of the company over the last few years has led to it repeatedly becoming too big for its facilities. Hoping that this trend will continue, Sarasota's Economic Development Corp. (EDC) figured it would be a wise investment to get the company back in the area - hopefully for a long time.

Companies persuaded to move by incentives often hire relocation movers to help get to their new home with minimal hassle. Nationwide movers can make sure that continued growth at a company like Global Organic can proceed with little interruption. 


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