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The show must go on: theater relocates to flee asbestos

  • May 11, 2012

The show must go on: theater relocates to flee asbestos

Rather than drawing the curtain on their full slate of summer performances, a famous Dublin theater is packing up its props for another venue to rid itself of asbestos, according RTE, an Irish public broadcasting service.

The Abbey Theatre will spend the summer removing asbestos from its building in the interest of long term safety, and it will reopen in the fall, the news source said.

With a full collection of props and scenery - which are currently being used for a production of The Plough and Stars - this could pose a problem for the theater. In such a complicated and time-sensitive situation, the use of relocation movers could prove invaluable to ensure that the performance doesn't miss a beat.

Asbestos is a common cause for needing relocation and moving services. Schools, for example, are another common site of the malignant set of minerals, according to, a site that tracks asbestos news.

When asbestos is identified in a public space such as a theater or school, it is often necessary to relocate all of the materials and people to an asbestos-free location while it is removed. In such situations, the assistance of nationwide movers can help make the process as uninterrupted as possible. 


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