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Life science company relocates to Boston

  • May 11, 2012

Life science company relocates to Boston

Boston's burgeoning life science scene is making it an increasingly attractive destination for relocating companies. The most recent company to make Kendall Square - a Boston tech industry hotbed - it's new home is AVEO Pharmaceuticals.

While it already maintains several offices in the Boston area, AVEO's decision to move its headquarters and main research facilities there will help the company consolidate its operation and save office space.

With its reliance on high-tech, expensive equipment, AVEO will likely benefit from using reliable relocation and moving services to make sure that its new home can be put into action with limited hassle. This is especially important given that the new headquarters are specially equipped for the company to get started immediately.

"[The building] was built to the exacting requirements of world-class life science tenants in order to support transformational research," said Alan D. Gold, Chief Executive Officer of BioMed, the landlord.

To ensure that everything gets to AVEO's new 280,000 facility, the use of a long distance moving company will help to smooth the process. To conduct its cutting edge life science research, AVEO will need all of its tools.


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