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New Jersey company relocated to Louisiana

  • May 08, 2012

New Jersey company relocated to Louisiana

With the high real estate prices and taxes of New Jersey, sometimes it is wise for a company to move south. That is what Ronpak - a manufacturer of custom bags, packages and food wraps - was thinking when it decided to use some state to state movers to relocate its headquarters to Shreverport, Louisiana, according to KSLA 12, a locally-based Raycom Media news affiliate.

The headquarters move follows the construction of a 155,000-square-foot production facility which will house more than 130 employees, according to the news source. The decision to use the facility to house the headquarters as well eliminates potential communication and logistical problems.

The decision was ultimately made by Ronald Sedley, the company's head, because he had such a positive experience working with Louisiana's government in completing the construction of the new facility, the virtues of which he extolled.

"You can get the red tape done and you can do things much more rapidly," he said at the announcement, according to the news source.

Of course, the absence of that red tape will mean little if the long distance moving and storage is not handled deftly. The amount of equipment and office supplies will surely necessitate the assistance of professional nationwide movers.


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