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Maine public sculpture to be relocated

  • April 13, 2012

Maine public sculpture to be relocated

After six years of negotiations, Bangor, Maine city council members voted to reposition one of the city's best known works of public art: Clark Fitz-Gerald's "Continuity of Community" from West Market Square in April 2012 according the the Bangor Daily News. Measuring nearly 60 square feet, the curvilinear odalisque will prove to be a challenging haul for a moving and relocation company.

Fitz-Gerald's abstract sculpture reflects nature, while not committing to a recognizable form. Like American sculptor Richard Serra, the environment and the patterns of wear from weather add to the viewer's experience. Relocation movers not only have to build a custom shipping crate to move the object, but must find ways to preserve the patina, as it is part of the sculpture's living history.

The council envisions Fitz-Gerald's work will be the central highlight amongst other iconic Bangor sculptures as they are placed together in a circular formation elsewhere in the city to be determined. Relocating the monument is part of Bangor's waterfront initiative, but transporting the art could be tedious, and best left to full-service movers.


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