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Your Instant Quote from Stevens is a ballpark quote, delivered directly to you and is perfect if you’re planning in advance and want to budget for your upcoming move.

As you begin planning your move, there are some things that you will want to keep in mind when requesting an instant quote:

  1. An Instant Quote offers a quick, convenient look at what you can expect to pay when moving.
  2. An Instant Quote by Stevens includes full-service moving by a team of professionals.
  3. The actual cost of your move is determined by the weight of your belongings, the distance of your move, any additional services, such as packing and the level of liability protection you choose.
  4. In-home Estimates are the most accurate method of providing a cost for any relocation.

For more information, and things you should know when requesting an instant quote, please click here.

Why an In-Home Estimate

In-home estimates are preferred by all reputable moving companies. After all, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines wants your moving experience to be the best possible – a great move that you’ll be telling friends about for years!

An in-home moving estimate gives you an opportunity to speak with one of our relocation experts, in your home. It allows you to show us exactly what you will be moving, ask questions and discuss, in-depth, the needs of your move with an expert that can answer your questions and explain the details of your relocation. While at your home, a Stevens representative will be able to discuss packing options, any storage needs you have and provide you with detailed information on the level of liability protection you select.

Because it is a visual in-home estimate, no rooms are missed and no buildings are forgotten. An in-home estimate will provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.