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Move Your Items Like the Professionals Do

So your student will be moving to college in a few weeks – isn’t it a pain to fold all of the clothes, just to unfold them again, once you get to the dorm or apartment?

Or do you need to move some items from Grandma’s house? How will you pack that beautiful mirror that has hung in her house since you were a little kid?

Specialty boxes, that’s how.

Movers have specifically designed boxes for all types of items. And, you can have them, too.

In “movers speak,” a box known as a wardrobe is heavily constructed and comes with a metal bar, so you can hang clothes or draperies or other items, and move them without even taking them off the hangers. This box becomes a mini closet of sorts, and you can transport clothes with no folding – and much less wrinkling! There’s even room in the bottom for shoes, hats and other apparel.

For pictures, mirrors, small glass tabletops and other items, special boxes called mirror cartons usually can do the trick. These expandable boxes can be easily fitted to a variety of sizes to securely move artwork or fragile pieces.

When it comes to dishes, glassware and china, you’ll want to pack in heavy boxes that will stand up to a little shuffling around. Dishpacks are the answer for professional movers. These are the sturdiest of all boxes and their multi-layer construction makes them the best choice for your most fragile items.

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