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How to Pack Up Millions and Millions of Pounds of Household Stuff

Will you be moving this summer – or even later this year?


With about 37.5 million Americans – about 12.5 percent of us – moving to new homes in 2011, there is a good chance that you or someone you know might have a new address soon.


And no matter if you are moving around the block, into a dorm room or across the country, you need to pack your belongings in something.


Boxes are the obvious choice.


Sure, you can lurk around the fruit market and scavenge for old banana boxes or nab the cartons for paper that stack up by the copy machine at work.


But, the produce boxes can be sticky or buggy; not much fits into copy paper boxes; and when it’s time to pack the them into a moving van, a rental truck or the mini van, the cartons are different and awkward sizes and don’t stack conveniently.


Boxes made especially for moving make the task of getting your stuff from here to there a lot easier.


Specific sized boxes are designed to accommodate particular types of household items and the boxes are sturdy, clean and easily modular.


Stevens has easy solutions to all of your box and packing needs. Stevens has a variety of moving boxes and packing materials available at


We even have specially designed moving kits that are customized to move the number of rooms you select with different combinations of box sizes and supplies to meet your specific needs.


No matter what you are packing, it’s best to remember a few rules of thumb.

  • The bigger the box does not necessarily mean the heavier the items in it. It is always best to pack heavier items in smaller boxes. For instance, a small box filled with books still will be heavy, but manageable. A giant box packed to the brim with hard covers and paperbacks will be unbearable to carry.
  • Don’t pack too heavy or too light. Boxes that are too heavy can break open; those too light can crush when stacked.
  • Remember to use enough packing paper or other cushioning material to pad and protect items in the boxes you pack.

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