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Stevens' Safety Manager Gets Up Close Look at Truck Inspections

The manager of vehicle safety and maintenance at Stevens Worldwide Van Lines will get to see firsthand what law enforcement officers are seeing and doing when they inspect a truck of bus on the side of a highway.

John Flanagan, manager of quality, safety and fleet services at Stevens, will shadow Michigan State Police troopers on Tuesday, June 8 at Roadcheck 2010, which is the world's largest targeted enforcement program on vehicles.

He will see what the officers see and observe which drivers are given the OK to continue with their over-the-road journeys, what type of problems prompt citations and what type of safety violations put a driver out of service.

By observing RoadCheck 2010, Flanagan will gain important information and insight for managing and enforcing safety standards for the Stevens Worldwide Van Lines fleet of vehicles, and in obtaining enforcement information for the moving industry in general. He is currently co-chair of the American Moving & Storage Associations's Safety Management Committee. The American Moving & Storage Association is the trade association for nearly 3,200 professional moving companies across the country. The Safety Management Committee addresses accident and injury prevention, industry training and safety promotion throughout the moving industry.

Roadcheck is in its 23rd yearof intensive inspections in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Last year, officials inspected 72,782 trucks and buses in 2,184 locations during Roadcheck. Of the inspected vehicles, nearly 19.6% -- 14,265 trucks and buses -- were placed out of service for mechanical and safety reasons.



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