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Fly the Flag on Memorial Day

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is proud to be an American company and pleased to have the ability to provide service to thousands of military personnel and their families each year.

As a symbol of patriotism and honor to those who we remember on Memorial Day, Stevens reminds you of the following etiquette for the American flag.

  • On Memorial Day, the flag should be flown at half-staff until noon. When placing the flag at half-staff, it should be hoisted to the peak of the flag pole first, then lowered to the half-staff position. The flag should again be raised to the peak position before lowering for the day.
  • When hanging the flag from a window or draped from the edge of a building, the flag should hang vertically, with the field of stars to the left for those viewing it
  • Always hang the American flag above any other flag on the same pole
  • No other flags in a display may be larger than the American flag
  • The American flag is always the first to be raised and the last to be lowered
  • Flags may only be displayed after dark if they are properly illuminated

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